Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Blog

I've got a new blog now.  You can read what happened here

Merry Late Christmas

I have been slacking a little in the blog world.  Sorry girls.  I know you look forward to my post everyday (ha!).  So here is a summary of my Christmas holiday in a timeline:  Oh and sorry for the lack of pics. 

Thursday 12/23:  Off of work (yeah!).  I did some last minute shopping and made these yummy treats to take to my Grandparents house for our  Christmas get-together. 

Friday 12/24:  As soon as the hubs got off work we left for Selma.  That afternoon we went to eat Chili at the in-laws best friends house.  All of her grandchildren were there so her house was wild.  The grandkids had a notepad writing down how many gifts each of them got. 

Saturday 12/25: Merry Christmas!  I woke up about 7:00 and dashed into the living room at the in-laws like a little kid.  We laid around in our PJs for a while and opened our gifts while we smelled the yummy ham cooking. 

Rather than show pics of gifts, here is the just of what I got from the in-laws:
-Shark steam mop, gift cards, PJs, cook book, towels, mixing bowls, baking sheets, fuzzy socks, money, etc.  They always give me way too much.

They couldn't forget about their granddogs.

Opening presents makes me hungry.

We ate a yummy luch which consisted of ham, potato casserole, corn, green beans, rolls, deviled eggs, and pumpkin cake.  We were sent home with a care package full of yummy leftovers as well. 

That afternoon, we left around 3 and headed home to do Christmas at our house.  I was a failure and didn't get any pics. 

Gifts:  From the hubs:  Harry Potter series on DVD, Southern Plate cookbook, books, Wii games, giftcard.  From the parents:  Giftcard, Bath and Body Works, sweaters, boots.

That night it started snowing!!  We had a white Christmas in Alabama.

I got a lot of great things this year.  It is always such a fun time spending it with family.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

We are leaving for the in-laws around lunch time and will be back home doing Christmas at my house tomorrow night.  The pumpkin cake has been requested by the hub's dad so I've got to go start that, pack, and get presents together.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that Santa Clause is good to you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Many Uses of Vinegar/ My Lunch Screwup

A friend of mine told me that vinegar would clean your carpet.  I tried it and it does work and don't worry the smell will evaporate.  Mix vinegar and water in a bowl and try it.  And then yesterday.....stupid stupid mistake.  I usually eat Easy Mac for lunch.  I only get 30 minutes so I pop my Easy Mac in the microwave for 3-1/2 minutes and then plop down in the recliner and watch TV.  Yesterday I started to smell something a little funny but didn't get out of the recliner.  I was being lazy and reading a magazine.  So I just disregarded it.  The microwave beeped and I go into the kitchen to see smoke everywhere.  Stupid me had forgotten to put water in the Easy Mac.  Now I am a profressional Easy Mac cooker and should not have forgotten this vital ingredient but I did. 

So I opened the windows and tried to get the smoke out.  I put out a bowl of vinegar (hence another use of vinegar) to get rid of the smell.  I lit candles and turned the fans on.  Luckily yesterday was a beautiful day so it wasn't cold.  I called the hubs and told him what I did and he just laughed.  I should have gotten a pic of the black ball of Easy Mac with the little blue melted plastic.  I went to said friend's house ater that night(who gave me the vinegar recommendation) and when I got home it was still smelling of smoke. 

Today I have the windows open and it's still smoky.  Does anyone have any suggestions about how to get rid of the smoke smell?  And I will never ever forget to put the water in the Easy Mac again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday


I'm loving that there are 10 days until Christmas!  Let the festivities begin!


I'm loving that I'm off work tomorrow.  I have to work this weekend so I am off work tomorrow.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch and will finish up some last minute shopping.  I hope to get all the dog hair up tomorrow as well.  The dogs have been staying in our bathroom due to the cold weather and have been shedding like crazy.


I'm loving snacking on these during lunch:


I'm loving that the hubs birthday is Sunday and we are going to Outback.  Yummy cheesefries!

Go link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving today!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

It's Top 2 Tuesday at Taylor's.  These are my top 2 favorite games:

{one}  Monopoly.  Lee despises this game b/c it takes forever.  That's what makes it fun to me.  He doesn't mind winning though.  We always play when we go visit his parents.

{two} Taboo

I love this game.  It's so much fun.  I get a little carried away with pressing the buzzer though.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we went to visit our friends in Birmingham.  We went to a Christmas party, stayed up late, and ate good Mexican food.  It snowed on the way back and there were apparently snow flurries in Opelika but none when we got back home.  It is still freezing though!  Here is my ornament I won at Dirty Santa:

I couldn't get all of in in one pic but it says "Holly Jolly."