Friday, October 15, 2010

Challenge Day 1

Check out Katie's Journey for this neat blog idea!

Day 1- Recent Picture, Introduction, 15 Facts

This pic was taken from our vacation in Savannah.  I loved it there and would go back any time.  I'm Kari.  I just turned 30 last month (omg) and I work from home doing medical transcription (so I can blog stalk during the day!).  Lee and I have been married about 4.5 years and have 2 dogs Mason and Bella.  We live in Opelika which is basically Auburn.  We love living in the south. 

15 Facts:

1.  I've never had a broken bone.
2.  I don't have any piercings-not even my ears.
3.  I can do a clover roll with my tongue.
4.  I've never missed an episode of American Idol or Grey's Anatomy.
5.  I'm addicted to reality T.V.
6.  I talk to my dogs like they can understand me.
7.  I say my prayers every night.
8.  I floss my teeth every night.
9.  I'm ocd and always check twice to make sure the doors are locked.
10. I don't like staying by myself.
11. My dad is 1/2 Japanese and is adopted.  His last name before that was Yoki and
     if you put the 2 together you have Karaoke....which I love to do!
12. I love Disney movies.
13. I love Lifetime Movie Network.
14. I check Facebook 100000 times a day.
15. I am a confessed blogstalker and love reading new blogs so leave me a comment!



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