Friday, October 15, 2010

Challenge Day 5- My Siblings

These are the same 2 girls...if you didn't guess that :)  My sister Heather and I.  Heather is on the left in both pics.  The first pic is circa 1991.  Don't you just love my hair and yes I still have my crimping iron. It hasn't been plugged in in quite some time though.  My sister was dressed up in a surgeons aunt was head of the OR so she played dress up quite a bit with her scrubs.  Oh life was so easy back then.  Heather is 6 years younger than me.  We fought alot growing up especially when she got to middle school and I was in high school....although in this picture we look so happy holding hands.  Heather wanted to do everything I did and would sneak into my bedroom and steal my clothes.  My clothes would then end up on her floor.  She was the typical annoying little sister....but then we grew up.  I moved out and we got a lot closer.  And then she was my maid of honor on my wedding day.  I didn't inherit any sister in-laws as Lee is an only child so she's all I have.  We are still pretty close.  She lives about 2 hours away now so I don't see her as often.   I think I need to plan a weekend trip soon. 



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