Friday, October 15, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

ETA:  This was originally posted the other day.

I'm still wired from the Caramel Frappucino the hubs brought me during lunch so I thought I would post this:  Always, Sometimes, and Never from A Southern Love.

  • Have room for icecream.
  • Floss my teeth at night.
  • Say my prayers.
  • check Facebook 100000000 times a day.
  • am so nervous watching Auburn football.
  • love going to Hobby Lobby.
  • sing in the car.
  • watch the Golden Girls before going to bed.
  • love a good book.
  • tell the dogs goodnight.
  • tell the hubs I love him before going to sleep.
  • talk to mom multiple times a day.
  • get sick after eating Mexican food.
  • drive until the gas light comes on.
  • wished I exercised more.
  • leave the towels in the dryer and use them until the next load.
  • forget to turn the lights on while driving.
  • wished I had more patience.

  • like cleaning the bathroom.
  • like doing the dishes.
  • regret marrying the hubs.
  • thought I would marry someone who was an only child.
  • remember my camera.
  • like Mondays.
  • eat breakfast.



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