Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays

I found this fun blog hop at My Leigh Ashley.

{one} do you still use a checkbook?
yes. Mostly just for a few bills.  Everything else i pay on line or use debit/credit card.
{two} what size shoe do you wear?
6.5-7. I have little feet.

{three} scary movies or happy endings?
Both!  I love a good scary movie and can watch happy endings all the time.

{four} do you prefer spontaneity or stability?
Stability.  Change is an uneasy thing for me sometimes.

{five} what is the most embarrassing cd that you own?
The William Hung Christmas cd. (the kid from american idol)

{six} do you watch reality tv?
Yes!  The Bachelor/ette, American Idol, DWTS

{seven} what is your favorite home-made meal?
My mom's beef stew.

{eight} do you have any allergies?
I'm allergic to work...j/k none that I know of.

{nine} if you could open your own restaurant/store, what would it be?
A book/coffee store.
{ten} would you ever go skydiving (or have you been)?
No and no.



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