Friday, December 3, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

TGIF! I just had a yummy dinner prepared by the hubs. I worked a little overtime tonight so he voluntarily cooked dinner. We had fried fish, mac n cheese, and mash potatoes. Then we watched a little Friends. I love that show. Anywho it's time for Fill In The Blank Friday with Laura.

1.  Holiday spirit makes me happy.  I love Christmas time and everything about the Holidays makes me smile.  Getting Christmas cards, decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, etc.

2.  The holidays are incomplete without decorating the tree, buying gifts, family time, good food, and watching A Christmas Story.

3.  My favorite thing to do around the holidays is attending Christmas parties, Dirty  Santa, baking, and crafting.

4.  A holiday tradition my family and I have is opening one present on Christmas Eve, baking cookies for Santa, eating a big breakfast on Christmas morning while still in our jammies and opening presents.

5.  Holiday music is always played on my radio during this time.  I can't wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I can listen to it and jam out in the car.

6.  This year I'll be spending the holidays at Lee's parents Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and with my parents Christmas night.

7.  Holiday wish list:  Clothes, books, DVDs, shark steam mop, giftcards, fuzzy socks (I don't have to request these).



Blogger Mrs. Fine said...

I adore fuzzy socks! I have a pair for each day of the week and switch into them as soon as I'm home each day! I just recently got a pair at Gap that are brown with pale large polka dots -- love them! Happy weekend!

December 4, 2010 at 12:28 PM  

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