Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 9- My Friends

This is at Amy's wedding.  We met in dance class when we were little and got to be good friends after working together.  We then lived together for a few years and had the best time!   

Amy and I freezing our booties off at the Braves game.

                      Jen, Amy, Julie, and me.  I became friends
               with thesegirls through Amy.  This is at Amy's baby
                       shower last year.

K or Katherine and I became good friends through our hubs.  They are both finatics when it comes to baseball and they drive us crazy!  This is a pic of us in Kiawa Island at the most expensive golf course.  We were just having lunch there.  No golfing for us!   

Friends and past co-workers:  Me, Amy, Jaime, and Ashley.

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