Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Zumba is cancelled due to the probable inclement weather.  Other than being windy for a few hours today we haven't gotten any rain.  Lisa and I are still going to exercise though and walk at the track.  My body will thank me since I had icecream late last night (hence the weird dream I had).  Today at Taylor's is Top 2 Favorite Jobs. 

Top 2 Favorite Jobs

1.  Medical Transcriptionist-current job.

I love my job.  I've currently been doing this since January of this year and I enjoy it every day.  It doesn't hurt that I can stay in my PJs all day and work from home.  I can turn on Pandora when I need a break or step outside for some fresh air and pet the pups.  I feel like I'm actually important and the boss tells us everyday what a great job we do.  ´╗┐There will not be a picture for you to see b/c I would probably break the camera as at 5:00 it looks like I just rolled out of bed.

2.  Charge clerk

I worked for a group of surgeons for 10 years!  I worked through college and just stayed on.  I met some great girls there who became my really good friends.  The doctors would send us to the beach every year to show their appreciation for us and everything was paid for...the dinners and hotel.  It felt really nice to be able to look at a menu and not worry about how much it cost.  We had a great time every year we went.  Our health insurance was also paid for as well.  I am fearful of change and that's why I didn't leave for 10 years.  I still keep up with the girls there and I do miss the human contact during the day.  I guess that's why I talk to the dogs like they know what I'm saying...but I've always done that :)

Clocking out for the last time



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